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Project Management and civil engineering services and infraestructures construction

Our Team

NTI Projects & Construction Management has a high percentage of eminently qualified professionals: Civil Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Public-work Engineers, Environmental experts, Specialists in renewable energies, etc.

We also have an extensive team of collaborators in the specialties of geotechnics, specific trials, etc. This all enables us to take on a broad variety of services in the field of civil engineering and sustainable development

Mission & Activity

NTI Projects & Construction Management has the mission of covering the broadest possible number of services related with the development of private and public infrastructures, offering a comprehensive services focused on rolling out new development models at the national and international levels.

NTI Project & Construction Management centres its activity on project management an civil engineering services and infrastructure construction, structures, environmental engineering, transport engineering, terrain engineering, design, R,D&i.

Commitment to the environment, commitment to people

The development of innovative projects for our clients, a determination to research new business models, providing information and training to our team an respect for the environment are the main guidelines that mark our daily work as a company.

To that end we work to promote a sense of responsibility for environmental conservation and improvement amongst all NTI Projects & Construction Managment members and collaborators